Hi!  I’m Emily Grace, owner of Emily Grace Debutantes.  

“I do anything and everything debutante”

I specialize in authentic event planning, custom event design, and traditional debutante celebrations. I have a background in administration, culinary arts, wedding coordination and design. I have all the tools needed for successful debutante event planning!  

It is important to me to create a meaningful relationship with my clients. I approach debutante planning with great passion, interest, and mindfulness.  I’m sensitive to the fact that debutantes are unlike any other event, because they are charged with traditional values.

“I work to complete your vision, keep the event on track and ensure that everyone stays cool and engaged.”

I’m particularly passionate about celebrations that reflect the authentic style, values, and tradition of Filipino culture.  A Filipino debut ceremony requires the right presence and atmosphere. This is something I’m an expert in. Basically, I’ll be your debutante’s guru.  

“Whatever your dream, I’ll be your partner to make it happen!”

I encourage clients to work together as associates during the planning process.  I want you to be true to yourself, and I will help direct you through the world of debutante planning.  


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