Debutante A Filipino 18th Birthday Tradition

One of the most celebrated events in a Filipina’s life is her debut. Called such, mainly because it is a symbol of “coming out” into the world of adults. It is when a young lady emerges from childhood to womanhood, and the society rejoices about it…

Make Your Dreams Come True with Emily Grace Debutantes

Emily Grace is your fairy godmother to making your dream debutante ball come to life! Witness her magic in her most recent ball.



If you don’t require “Full Service Planning” but need more than “day-of” coordination, then “Month-of” event management is a great option.

  • screening, selecting, and management of up to 5 vendors
  • an on-site planner and at least one assistant
  • begins two months before your special day


Full service planning is ideal for parents and debutantes who value an all-inclusive and remarkable experience from start to finish

  • Design an overall mood and vision
  • Help you create a budget
  • Select a venue
  • Make decisions about vendors and services
  • Manage all elements of your guest list
  • screening, selecting, and management of up to 10 vendors
  • an on-site planner and at least one assistant

Ad Hoc

These are some services we offer individually or in addition to our packages

  • One-on-one consultation for budget creation and management
  • Emergency coordination and planning needs
  • Additional coordinators and assistants
  • RSVP management
  • Hotel room block reservations
  • Transportation coordination
  • Emily Grace Events is far beyond our expectations! We hired Emily Grace for my daughter’s 18th birthday and the result was superb. Emily Grace is hands on in every detail of the planning, during and after the occasion. She referred us to some of the vendors appropriate for what we need. She is very professional and prompt with all our questions and concerns. She treated us like her own family that made our preparation so special. Emily Grace reached out well to all our vendors, organized and communicated well to all the participants in the program that resulted to smooth flow of our birthday program. Her expertise in what she does, made me and my family relaxed and enjoyed our party. We will definitely hire her again and recommend her to our family and friends! Thanks Emily Grace for making Janea’s 18th birthday a memorable one! Thank you!
  • I have had the pleasure of working with Emily on a couple of occasions. She is a breeze to work with from a venue to a planner. She sees the details and puts all of her effort in above and beyond. Emily cares about her clients from start to finish!!
  • Very organized and responsive planner - she is hands-on and makes sure everything is perfect for her couples. She works with patience and energy. Looking forward to working with her on more events!
  • We celebrated our daughter 18th birthday which filipinos do. It was Emily’s first time to do this but we were happy, satisfied. We hired Emily as our choreographer/coordinator for the debut of our daughter and we would like to thank her for her excellent services. The event was a success and right on schedule. Hopefully in the near future we will seek Emily’s help again.

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